Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Projects!

2011 is starting off with a bang! We've seen some major growth in January, with a beautiful new carving studio and fabrication shop in East Asheville, the start of a new line of custom stone mantelpieces, and some larger projects still on the drafting table.

In addition to the stonework, I've had the good fortune to collaborate with composer James Hill at his secret mountain laboratory, with plans to release a live multimedia theatrical hydra in the fall of this year. Despite the bitter cold, I find myself feeling excited and inspired.

Pictures of the new mantles will be posted as fast as I can fabricate them, so do drop by again.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lotus Mantle

This beautiful surround was imported by DeSantana Stone for the residence of a local Doctor and his family. The mantle piece was carved from a solid block of Macedonia limestone and weighed in excess of 800 lbs--it took 4 workers to carry it through the front door! The total weight of the assembled fireplace was approximately 1,400 lbs, requiring our crew to create some substantial reinforcements to the existing floor before install!